During August 2020 ALOES spent a month on the island of Örö in the southern outskirts of the Finnish archipelago. Örö is a 2 km2 island that was used as a military fortress from the early 1900s until the end of 2014, after which it became part of the Archipelago National Park. As the island had been closed for tourism for over 100 years, its nature is home to many rare species.

On this special location we have explored nature and history, while wandering around the island. We have gathered audio and video material and we have written custom software to process image and sound. With this material we have created short audiovisual compositions that combine site-specific, nature- and landscape-related elements, while exploring the idea of remoteness and being surrounded by sea with limited access to resources. Through our audiovisual compositions we want to create an experience that can transport an audience to a place without ever visiting it.

The minisite for our residency can be visited here