mHAARP is an interactive audio installation based on the conspiracy theories surrounding the HAARP project in Alaska. The HAARP is a meteorological institute of research co-funded by the US department of defense. Many conspiracy theories are built around this institute clamining that it is possible of features like weather control and even mind control.

Inspired by these conspiracy theories we have created an installation that is based on the concept of climate control. mHAARP uses the same HAARP system of phased array antennae to manipulate the local ionosphere. This arrangement gives the visitor unpreceded control over local atmospheric circumstances. We have designed a unique method that uses a thermal nano-amplifier to allow visitors control the climate using nothing but their own body heat. The visitors’ interactions will generate changes on the global weather that can be perceived through changes in the room soundscape. mHAARP also measures the intensity of visitors’ interaction, giving place to more severe natural events according to the magnitude of these interactions.