Online / offline sequencer installation with code-poem and custom website.

Our experiences are heavily mediated. Now probably more than ever. Eyes are glued to screens. We no longer read the news from newspapers, but through apps. We don't meet our friends in person, but send them a message online. This changes both our behaviour and our connection to the devices that we use for our world perception.

When a design creates expectations, humans are trained to recognise elements and predict the result that comes from using them. This work is part of a range of custom designed objects that tries to expose the layer of communication that gets lost in translation when interacting through devices. How does the imagined ‘personality’ of a device influence our willingness to communicate with / through it?

The installation ON||OFF||ON (on or off or on) consists of 8 modules on the wall and a central console. Each module represents an audio sample. A large knob on each module can be turned to change the pitch of the corresponding sample. The 8 modules are connected to the central control, on which a small display shows the same symbols as the modules. The order in which the samples are played can be rearranged with the knobs under the screen. A slider controls the overall speed.

The audio samples are based on short snippets of code that form the core of the installation. In the gallery visitors can physically interact with the knobs and sounds. However they are not the only ones influencing the behaviour of it. On a custom website others can also influence the order of the symbols and switch samples on and off. Creating an invisible collaboration between physical visitors and online users.